Chris Allen paints fictional characters from films who are played by real actors. His art is meant to conjure thought on the relationships between our real lives and the lives we live through our technology, specifically films or T.V. shows. Further it is a commentary on how people develop emotional attachments to these false realities. This leads to a feeling of emptiness after that reality has ended and creates a desire to seek a new reality to temporarily reside in.

The artist feels that when he is creating these paintings he is continuing on in these alternate realities even further. These pieces of alternative reality create a portal that we can look into and feel as if it never ended, even though the world from which these images derive come from a creators imagination to start. Chris’ work allows us to have a piece of these worlds always with us all the while reminding us of our true lives that we must live. Scenes chosen typically are ones that resonate with Chris because of a message that was conveyed.

Jean Baudrillard has a theory about the dangers of simulacra. The theory is basically that people get so lost in this fake world that they choose to live more often in these worlds than their own reality. He talked about how this is a dangerous concept and his theory inspired Chris to create these pieces.